Frozen at Sea

FROZEN AT SEA – Turning the tideCollins seafoods limited

Richard Collins quickly discovered that freshness is the only ingredient you need to enhance the delicious flavour of fish. As fresh trawlers can be out at sea for up to 2 weeks at a time, the first catch they make isn’t going to be quite as fresh as it could be. So that by the time it reaches your customer, that piece of fish has probably seen better days, leaving a lot to be desired when it comes to texture and taste. Collins Seafoods uses the ‘Frozen At Sea Fish’ process, which means that when your customers taste our fish it’s as fresh as the moment it left the sea.

Collins Seafoods Ltd will actively promote the use of certified sustainable species in the marketplace and will only supply Frozen At Sea Fish of the highest quality, which will be fully traceable. Working hand in hand with several well respected trawler operators throughout the Faroe Islands, Russia, Norway, Iceland, Germany, France, Spain and the U.K, who are committed to responsible sea fishing means we’re able to consistently maintain the high quality of our ‘Frozen At Sea Fish’ products, as well as increasing the variety of our product range to keep pace with the exacting demands of our customers. That way, we never put our customers needs on ice.

The entire ‘Frozen At Sea Fish’ process happens within 2-6 hours of the trawl being caught.

  • The trawlers are equipped with special sized nets that let out the smaller, immature fish. 
  • Once on board, the live trawled fish are transferred into holding tanks.
  • Within 1 hour the fish has been hauled, gutted, bled and put in ice. 
  • Fish are covered in ice immediately to maintain peak freshness. 
  • Once filleted, all produce is trimmed and graded, with only the superior fillets being selected for our needs and frozen. 
  • The product is then stored in a temperature controlled hold.