Fenham Fish Bar

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Your business location:

Fenham, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Is your business a restaurant, wholesaler or a fish and chip shop?

Fish and Chip Shop – Take away

How long have you been supplied by Collins Seafoods?

Over 20 years

What is the value of Collins Seafoods supply to your business?

Continuously supplies good quality fish all year round

What services did you originally require from Collins Seafoods?

The supply of Fish

What services do Collins Seafoods supply to you today?

High quality frozen at sea cod and line caught Haddock. Plaice and Lemon Sole

Do you find Collins Seafoods achieve all of your requirements, in terms of cost, delivery times, promotions etc?

In terms of cost, Collins Seafoods continuously beat all other suppliers. We never feel the need to shop around. Delivery Times are prompt; when you request an early delivery they are there without fail.

Would you recommend Collins Seafoods to others? If so, why?

Yes we would highly recommend Collins Seafoods. They always have high quality products at the best price. You can also set up a standing order which is a great, one less thing to worry about on busy mornings.

Are there any services Collins Seafoods doesn’t currently supply that you wished it did?


Have you received good feedback on the quality of the products Collins Seafoods supply to you? 

We constantly receive good feedback on the quality of our fish, in particular the line caught haddock. Since switching to Collins Line Caught Haddock, our Haddock sales have tripled.

Have you anything to add about Collins Seafoods sales team, management or services?

We hold the sales team with high regards. We mainly Deal with Craig. He gives good notice of any forthcoming price rises or stock shortages. This sort of honesty is scarce with most other suppliers.  Craig has great knowledge of Collins seafoods products.



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