Hadley’s Fish Restaurant

Hadley’s Fish Restaurant  hadleys1



Where Are you based?

11 Bridge Street, Whitby

What type of business do you have?

Fish and chip restaurant.

How long have you been supplied by Collins Seafoods?

15 years +

What is the value of Collins Seafoods supply to your business?

We have a high regard for Collins Seafoods as they have always supplied us with the highest quality of fish at a very competitive price. As our own business has grown over the years Collins Seafoods have always met the demand. The work ethic and customer service runs right through the company which is most evident in the attitude of their delivery drivers who never fail to show up with a smile on their face and nothing is ever a problem for them. They even put the fish away in the freezers for us.

What services did you originally require from Collins Seafoods?

We have bought cod and haddock off Collins Seafoods for over 15 years

What services do Collins Seafoods supply to you today?

We still buy cod and haddock off Collins Seafoods

Do you find Collins Seafoods achieve all of your requirements, in terms of cost, delivery times, promotions etc?


Would you recommend Collins Seafoods to others? If so, why?

Yes, because they have the best drivers which some of their competitors fail to see the value in. They also inform you when the prices are going to be changing and when is the best time to put away stock.

Are there any services Collins Seafoods doesn’t currently supply that you wished it did?


Have you received good feedback on the quality of the products Collins Seafoods supply to you? 

Yes. We have a very good reputation for serving high quality fish.


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