Mister Chips Ltd.

Mister Chips Ltd.  Mr-Chips


Where Are you based?

Whitby North Yorkshire

What type of business do you have?

Fish and Chip Takeaway and Restaurant

How long have you been supplied by Collins Seafoods?

Over 30 years

What is the value of Collins Seafoods supply to your business?

30 years of trust, extensive product knowledge, and its ability to compete  price-wise and quality-wise with its competitors

What services did you originally require from Collins Seafoods?

Competitive frozen at sea  fish supplies

What services do Collins Seafoods supply to you today?

An extensive range of  sustainable  fish, sourcing the finest quality Icelandic caught fillets, whilst not trading in the lucrative  sub standard cheaper and poorer fish being offered by  its competitors, still being in the price bracket for all business. In Short Collins Seafoods only deal  in a quality sustainable product.

Do you find Collins Seafoods achieve all of your requirements, in terms of cost, delivery times, promotions etc?

Yes, they do exactly what they promise.

Would you recommend Collins Seafoods to others? If so, why?

Yes I would, for all the reasons outlined above.

Are there any services Collins Seafoods doesn’t currently supply that you wished it did?


Have you received good feedback on the quality of the products Collins Seafoods supply to you? 

Yes, because I run a largely fish Restaurant in tandem with my Takeaway, I’d like to see them dealing in various fresh fish products.


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