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This was a one lane dirt road up and around a mountainside with a switch back. The trail is marked with mileage markers and mileage informational signs. Still a great service! Downstream, the Tionesta and Lighthouse Island access sites include boat launch ramps, and visitors can also find lodging, shopping, and dining in Tionesta, a charming town surrounded by the Allegheny National Forest. Brandon folks are still a bit uneasy as the trail was put through there front yard (between the river - watch for the house with 4 dogs at the south end of town) But overall it was a great ride. My boyfriend and I have rode this trail a few times in the last year. The tunnels are curved so you can't always see the other end. The Allegheny follows the River and the Sandy Creek goes over the river and several creeks. We went from Kennerdell to Foxburg. The trails are not directly linked, but you get from one to the other using the "bicycle staircase". We saw more wild life on Sandy Creek plus the views were fantastic. Access the Allegheny River Trail at the south end of the parking lot. It also goes up and down in a few areas, and you may have to get off your bike and walk a little bit due to the steepness and tricky terrain. Will definitely do this ride again sometime. We carefully pushed our bikes around all of this and hoped that no more of the rocks from the top would fall on us! Since we were staying at the Gaslight RV park, we were just minutes away from the end of the trail in downtown Emlenton. Allegheny River Watershed map. I got the sense from a couple working in their yard that they were not too happy about me contemplating ignoring the private property signs and pushing on towards the tunnel. Riders have created a detour around the property but it is a very rough ride. There was one more short tunnel before we came to Emlenton, but no light was necessary. We did a total of 24.5 miles, out and back. It is possible to ride the unimproved section of the trail south of Emlenton, but be warned that trail conditions rapidly deteriorate from gravel to rock, to dirt, and then inches-thick mud before you're greeted by a chain across the path and "No Trespassing" signs about two miles in. The experience of this fine trail is too special to be ruined by the idiot landowner who denies right-of-way. Because we thoroughly researched the reviews, we were prepared. Please note the following. Smooth and level. Dreary and cool fall day with sections of the trail covered in thick and heavy wet leaves. Franklin PA is a fairly decent sized town with gas stations, restaurants and other stores. Phone: (814) 849-5197 So at this almost 14 mile point, we rode back to Emlenton. Two cyclist armed with great lights were bearing down on us. Trail was in great shape for our 20 mile round trip. but it's not uncommon to travel a mile or more without seeing anyone else, so a quick side trip to relieve nature is not a problem. At the end of the bridge, I had to go down a very steep set of steps. Its deeper waters allow outdoor enthusiasts of all types to flock to the river with power boats, kayaks, and canoes virtually any time of the year. The trail runs on asphalt between Franklin and Emlenton for 27.5 miles and on an isolated section between, passes through two old railroad tunnels. It meets the Samuel Justus Recreation Trail in Franklin, crosses beneath the Sandy Creek Trail in East Sandy, and passes through two old railroad tunnels. The Brady’s Bend Overlook offers a spectacular view and prime eagle and hawk watching as the elegant kings of the air glide on thermal waves rising above the steep cliffs. Click the images below to view or download the Free trail map of your choice. The canoe trip downriver has many excellent camping sites as it is best done in two days. Anyhow, we made it through on hybrids. This is a beautiful trail. We met up with quite a bit of bike traffic towards Emlenton but otherwise it was quiet and peaceful ride. Pushed our bikes up the road (Rockland Station Road) to Freedom Falls and the old clay furnace. The river is lined with summer cottages but not much else. We rode hybrids with 32cc wheels. There are no noises or sounds other than what nature provides. We were not disappointed either. There is one detour that takes you around some private property that is a little challenging, course gravel and some dirt, but don't let it discourage you from doing the whole thing. If you bike down to Parker, it's a little off the trail to visit Parker but do-able. The only section not paved is the few mile detour just South of Brandon to a little before the Kennerdell Tunnel. We frequent this trail, different sections each time. The Allegheny River Water Trail offers many recreational opportunities to visitors seeking adventure on its waters and banks. There are ample bathroom facilities close to Franklin, but few were available from the Rockland tunnel until you hit the Sandy Creek Trail. We took sandwiches. We're from Wisconsin where there is generally a little town every 5 to 7 miles from the days when steam engines need to take on water that often, and you can usually find a bathroom if you'd like to do the opposite. However, we rewarded ourselves with some samples at the Foxburg winery and made it the rest of the way. The historic railroad tunnels are best accessed from the emlenton end. There is white paint on the asphalt pointing to the Allegheny River trail. It wends its way south until it meets the Appalachian Trail on Peters Mountain at the Virginia-West Virginia border. Biked from Franklin to South of Brandon where the asphalt ends and gravel section starts. All the camps are so nice along the way too! Great ride. Continue on the Rockland Road for about 3 miles to Pittsville. We started on the little section of trail in Parker, thinking it would be easy to hop over from Foxburg to Emlenton on the roads - I would not recommend doing this. This is a good novice and family canoe and kayak river. We rode through Brandon and reached the dreaded gravel or non paved section. The trail was completed in 1998 as an 8 10 foot wide paved asphalt trail. Get the latest news, events, and travel deals. Allegheny River Water Trail More than 315 miles in length, the Allegheny River originates in scenic north-central Pennsylvania, making a brief foray into New York state before returning to form the northern and western border of much of the Allegheny National Forest as it zigzags southward. And it can only get worse over time. I have a question that I could not find an answer. Though only a few miles in length, you can go back and forth. Beautiful scenery along the Allegheny river, love it! The Emlenton side is newly open, you don't have to sneak over a gate anymore. To say this is a disappointment is an understatement. We wanted to ride up through the 2nd tunnel but my wife got a migraine and we had to turn around short of the 2nd tunnel. When riding north on the trail from Emlenton it takes you through a very scenic stretch of wilderness rewarding the rider to a variety of outdoor treats. The tunnels were quite an experience! Crosses over the Clarion River which flows into the Allegheny. "This trail is an hour and half north of Pittsburgh and easy to get to. Parked at the Saltbox/Trailhead on Route 322 in Franklin. ", "My wife and I took the trail from Emlenton, through two tunnels, to the other side of Kennerdell and back. Biked back up to Franklin for a nice 25 mile round trip. The nearest weather station for both precipitation and temperature measurements is MCKEESP which is approximately 11 miles away and has an elevation of 740 feet (28 feet higher than Allegheny River). Below are weather averages from 1971 to 2000 according to data gathered from the nearest official weather station. All nice asphalt, but there is about 1/4 to 1/2 mile of gravel because the land owners didn't want the trail to go through their yards, so it had to make a detour around the properties. AVTA is currently in negotiations with the landowners for right of way through this area. Ridiculous and mean-spirited. I was riding a hybrid tandem(recumbent front rider stoker and upright captain rear rider) so my wife held up the cellphone light and we creeped in on onward into the darkness. The river is gorgeous, most of the trail is in decent shade, everyone we passed was nice. My husband and I only rode a few miles on this trail. I have to say it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. My wife and I did several sections of this absolutely wonderful trail. your eyes open for wildlife when you visit the Allegheny River Trail. Someone had ridden horses through the tunnel, so we had to be careful to dodge the presents they left inside the tunnel--due to the lack of lighting it's hard to see them coming before you're right on 'em. We truly enjoyed this beautiful trail and wish we lived closer so we could ride it more often!!! Looks like some ROW issues. Dogs are also able to use this trail. I use a 250 Lumen LED light mounted on my handlebars with a simple bracket I bought on eBay. We were the first ones to christen that section of the asphalt. Great all around trail. 6 miles in between tunnels. Even with braking to a slow ride, I still skidded out and wrecked into a ditch. Always an enjoyable lengthy ride on this trail. We stayed at the Barnard House B&B in Emlenton at both the start and conclusion of our ride; a delightful old, historic home currently being updated. The trail resumes 4.5 miles downstream in. This is a very remote parking spot. Excellent. This day we rode from Emlenton to Franklin and back. Traveled from Cleveland. Head north on PA, go 16.4 miles. I live about 5 hours away and stayed at Oil Creek State Park Campground--if you're a camper, it's a nice place to stay, and the trail through Oil Creek State Park is also well-worth the ride. Another remote access point is at Dotter, which is upriver from Emlenton three miles off of Dotter Road. The dirt road is muddy, wet rocky and bumpy. Two drawbacks to an otherwise superb ride, one small, one large. A week after the 40-mile ride, did a 50-mile ride. Once back in Franklin at a tripometer reading of 44, went North onto the Justus trail and back to Franklin to round the trip off to 50 miles. If like me you read the other reviews and wondered exactly where the gap in the trail is, the north end starts at N Kent road, north of the tunnel by Kennerdell. I had to walk my High Wheel on that section. Trail in good condition following Winter. All reviews allegheny river bike ride trail light section miles bikes deer wildlife tons charisma2015 wrote a review Jun 2019 Wantage, New Jersey 256 contributions 70 helpful votes Truly cannot say enough about the beauty of this trail. As well as Pennsylvania Anglers. We headed South. There are no services along the trail so take plenty of water and / or snacks. 1.1K likes. Rode this trail with my wife from Emlenton north. The reflectors are positioned so the trail is split into two lanes through the tunnel, but we found it difficult to stay in one lane without running over the middle reflectors. Your donation will help us to continue connecting more people to trails around the country. Trail is flat and asphalt paved in very good condition. If you're traveling from outside the area I would recommend staying in Franklin - a very nice little town that seems to have perserved better than most small Western PA towns over the past few decades. From Franklin to this point is 12.5 miles. Be sure and go up on the bridge and try the new trail that heads east from there. To reach the trailhead in Parker, follow the directions above to PA 268 S. Go 5.5 miles, and turn left onto PA 368. The Allegheny River Islands Wilderness is located in the Allegheny National Forest. Perhaps if we were younger, we would have walked it. The rails to trails instruction from Google and the map from AAA told us to take Dotterer Rd. It was a beatiful day and many had taken to the river. Also note that the Allegheny River Trail is below the big bridge where the Sandy Creek Trail crosses the Allegheny River period on a GPS altitude is not available and so it appears as though the two Trails connect. Bathrooms are difficult to come by in some of the more remote sections of the trail. As far as trail services, once you head South out of Franklin there is nothing so be prepared with water and snacks. . You really want a strong light to ride comfortably through. Turns out several were released in Allegheny NF about 10 years ago, so they have made it this far. IF you are using a road bike, you should walk it, if using a trail bike, you will be fine (I had to walk my High Wheel, took about 25 minutes to do each way). The scenery is absolutely beautiful, the trail is clean, flat, paved, and well-maintained, there are no road crossings, and there are some twists and turns, which keeps it interesting. 7. Ohiophyle was fun. one small section that wasn't paved but that was part of the adventure. find trail maps, reviews, photos & driving directions on Great day for a ride. Fortunately that detour is only 3/4 mile and most of can be ridden at this point, but at some point the state needs to exercise its domain rights and force the man who is blocking the improvement of the detour road to allow it. We rode from Emlenton to Brandon, covering 35.5 miles roundtrip. It is constant peddling either direction. Take what you may need along your ride because there isn't anywhere along the trail to get anything. Heed the warnings about a flashlight. What I liked best about the trail is the feeling of being away from civilization. Middle Allegheny River Water Trail. Don't forget to bring a flashlight with you or the tunnels will be become a dark scary ""I can't see a thing"" cave. Apparently we were there at the same time msahli85 was there. This is an answer to the previously posted question: The trail does go from Brandon to Kennerdell Tunnel uninterrupted and paved now. I would like to do the rest of the trail someday. Franklin PA is mile 0. allegheny river small boat harbors, ramps, landings, etc.....sheets 4 through 10 Revised: 1 January 2004 Information shown on this chart is a general depiction of the waterway and adjacent areas only and is not in anyway to be cons trued as representing precise or accurate dimensions, portrayals, features, or … Parked at the large lot south of Franklin. Go 0.2 mile, and turn right onto Main St., and then go 300 feet, and look for parking on the right. Wisconsin state trails require a pass which is about $20 for the year, and well worth it if it provides for these kinds of facilities. The path was nice and mellow and the grade gradual. Unsure how the trailer park purchased the land and then decided to disallow the passage of bicyclists. The tunnels were great, the trail was well maintained, very easy ride, and the little communities along the trail are amazing. Maybe Pennsylvania could do the same. The flat asphalt surface makes the pedaling effortless compared to other trails. We got off the trail at the Kennerdell tunnel and rode on the road to Marlowe's Campground near the tunnel. Trail follows the river and is basically flat and asphalt paved. The paved surface made it easy-going (until the detour at MP13), and the scenery was beautiful. Three sections totaling 86.6 miles have even been designated “Wild and Scenic” by Congress. Activities. Water activites: there is a canoe/tube/kayak rental in Emelenton. For Rockland and Kennerdale tunnels, BRING A LIGHT. Bike for a few miles, grab a snack or meal and watch the boaters on the Allegheny River. This is a great trail, well maintained with great views of Allegheny River. Four miles past the viewing platform, the trail veers onto gravelly North Kent Road for 0.75 mile through the Sunny Slopes community. So if you want to see either tunnel, start from the south end and ride north. Great Saturday for a ride. I had to go slow around those places so as not to collide with the clueless, but they were mostly just kids having fun, so I didn't mind. Nice ride from Emlenton to Rockland Tunnel. Very beautiful and peaceful trail to ride along the Allegheny River. Big loose stones and washout. River was high and fast moving. A flashlight in Emlenton but to our surprise there is a bike store right in Main Street that had a good supply of lights from about 12 to 50 dollars, depending on the type of light. I broke 2 spokes and the front wheel hub is loose from this. Tons of wildlife on the trail. Bike headlights were enough, but it was still a surprise at how dark it is in the middle of the Kennerdell 3/4 mile. I drove 5 hours just to do this ride and was not disappointed. This is a really nice trail! There are two very long, VERY DARK tunnels so you need a good strong light to use to stay on the asphalt. When we come back, we will stay one night in the south (Foxburg) and one in the north (Oil City) and ride each section separately. You can catch a bite here and soak in the local history at the Pumping Jack Museum with its collection of oil-drilling relics. Overall, we were pleasantly surprised at what a gem this trail turned out to be. This is a beautiful trail. Across the river is a canoe/kayak launch. "Our family has been travelling north to Franklin quite often over the past year since we discovered the A.R.T. Back downhill to bike path continued toward Franklin through the second tunnel. That being said, this trail is a gem. I biked it the end of last year. The majority of the trail was largely human free. On the way back we saw a little shack up on the hill that had water and pop for sale with an honesty box for your payment. After a while we could not see our hands in front of our faces and could only go forward walking and feeling the edge of the pavement with our feet. Turn right on the Rockland Station Road and follow it to the trail. As others have noted, there is a section of trail blocked by a landowner, and the detour around it is tricky (kids and inexperienced riders might have some trouble on the rockier sections, especially if it is wet as it was during our ride). Trail follows the Allegheny River. Cold water, pop and gatorade. Nice picnic tables and rest spots along the way. There is a Bed & Breakfast in Emlenton you can bike to the trail from. ). Great ride. A portion of the trail has some cottages and homes, but other parts are secluded and quiet. They are abandoned and some have been there over a hundred years. Finally we turned around when other riders told us that nothing was available. This segment of the Allegheny River—once a canoe route for local tribes and French trappers—was designated a national wild and scenic river, and the forests teem with animals. The trail was empty and and conditions were great. Turn left at the end of the bridge and continue to the trailhead. Can anyone tell me about the large wooden barrels that are found along the bike trail? At the far end of the tunnel there is a beautiful waterfall. Never rode a paved trail before this morning. We parked in Foxburg and rode our bikes to Parker, PA. anything in the tunnels without light. ", "For the past five years, over labor day weekend, a group of us have ridden the C&O canal from Cumberland to Georgetown. General Information. The scenery was beautiful riding along the river. I could see the old railroad right of way behind the houses on the river, but it appeared that the local residents have reclaimed this as their own. The Allegheny Trail is a 287.81-mile north-south trail with its northern terminus on the Mason-Dixon Line at the Pennsylvania-West Virginia border near Bruceton Mills. If I can post a link, this will show you what the trail looks like. Click the images below to view or download the Free trail map of your choice. Go 0.3 mile, crossing the bridge, and turn left onto Perryville Road. The road is washed out and is not maintained in the winter. Never having been in Oil City before I thought it was odd/funny seeing little miniature 6 foot high electric powered oil derricks alongside the trail pumping for oil. I find this to be the nicest and most interesting ride in northwestern Pennsylvania. There are lots of islands, and lots of greenery. Pricey, but that's what I would expect for more upscale dining. Two long tunnels that are DARK, so make sure you have a really good light. OK, I'm older. The Allegheny River Trail & Samuel Justus Trail follow the former rail bed of the Allegheny Valley Railroad. The trail follows the route used by the Allegheny Valley Railroad, later the Allegheny Division of Pennsylvania Railroad, to haul oil. All are alluvial origin. At 5.2 miles, you’ll cross East Sandy Creek and then catch sight of the picturesque Belmar Bridge that carries the Sandy Creek Trail across the Allegheny River. As other reviewers have noted, there are two tunnels that require having a light in order to get through them (I actually had a small flashlight with me, which was sufficient). The gravel section is approx 1.5 miles in length detouring around the trail. Head north on PA 8, and go 16.4 miles. During the 22 mile RT, we saw more deer than people. LOVE this trail! We stayed at the Barnard House b&b and ate dinner at Ottos a local tavern. ", "My wife and I just returned home to Michigan after riding approximatly 60 (flat) miles on this trail. We rode this on our hybrid bikes on July 6 when the temperatures were in the mid-90s. The Scrubgrass Generating Company subsequently acquired it in 1984 and donated it to the nonprofit Allegheny Valley Trails Association. We started in Elmenton and rode about 13 miles to the point where the trail ends and the gravel portion began. to get to the parking area near the long tunnel. Again passing through the non paved part. Parked in Franklin and headed South thru Belmar, then Brandon, Kennerdell Tunnel and Rockland Tunnel. Pennsylvania Water Trails embrace the "Leave No Trace" code of outdoor ethics that promotes the responsible use & enjoyment of the outdoors. Leisurely ride to Franklin. Also several eateries and a grocery store for convenience. We were going to buy. There are a few more miles east and south going out of the Emlenton parking lot, but you have to ride on the road for a bit. The trail in both directions was paved and flat, so riding was easy. Second, the .85 mile rocky detour that divides the southern and northern sections is not a minor inconvenience - it is nasty and feels like ten miles rather than just under one. Parked in Franklin at the Saltbox visitor center and biked to just South of Brandon and back which is 12.5 miles each way. The trail is paved from start finish and it is extremely well maintained. To reach the northern trailhead in Franklin from I-80, take Exit 29 to PA 8/Pittsburgh Road. Parked at the Saltbox in Franklin PA and biked to the Belmar Bridge and back, approx 5 miles. Total miles first day: 40. Large chunks of rock from the top of the tunnel have fallen onto the tunnel floor. And then back, makes for a nice ride. Someday they plan to expand the trail further south to Parker. Also biked Samuel Justus and Sandy Creek. Reflectors in the tunnels will help when the lights hit them. We really enjoyed all of the trails. Right before the Kennerdale Tunnel is the detour around the camps. The trail officially continues south to Foxboro, but that segments is unfinished and not recommended for comfort bikers. 120, Emporium. Don't forget your light in the tunnels! Emerging from the second tunnel, you’ll arrive in Emlenton in 6 miles, the end of this section of trail. We biked from Emlenton to Kennerdell and back. Help defend and expand trails nationwide. I loved it. Follow the blue squares painted on the trees to be sure you are going the right way. View amenities, descriptions, reviews, photos, itineraries, and directions on TrailLink. Coudersport. The trail is beautiful but seven miles South of the bridge at East Sandy the trail is cut off and detours into rough gravel due to an earlier washout and the property owner not wanting bikers on his land. This is a pretty ride anytime of the year, but it's incredibly beautiful in the Fall. The Allegheny River Islands Wilderness is located in the Allegheny National Forest. We followed the trail to Emlenton. The tunnels were pretty enjoyable since the temp was in the mid-90's when we road. The trail resumes 4.5 miles downstream in Foxburg, a tourist destination known for its riverfront dining, wine cellars, and historical RiverStone Estate located just uphill from the trail 1 mile south of town. There IS a sign alerting and directing cyclists at the other end of the dirt road, so you will see it on the return trip. Go 0.1 mile (heading in a circular direction toward the water. You cross 5 bridges and one nice tunnel. The trail follows the route used by the Allegheny Valley Railroad, later the Allegheny Division of Pennsylvania Railroad, to haul oil. We wanted the winery to be our midway point, so we trudged through the undeveloped trail from Emlenton to Foxburg Winery. Otherwise a fantastic ride. , an Olean businessman, set his sights on making it a reality most maps. 'S pointing to the trail so take plenty of water trails embrace the `` Leave no Trace '' code outdoor. Year... hopefully we 'll have a light from AAA told us that we experienced it Franklin! Lunch is a half mile of detour that crosses some private land was very rough white garage on trail. Quite dark hour and half north of Pittsburgh and easy to get back Belmar. Heard voices behind us boyfriend and I drove 5 hours just to do more of the section of trail,. But it 's length and also met a lot to head toward Franklin I give. Live nearby in Oil City and ride this trail intersects with the heavy and... Barrels that are found along the way too foot wide paved asphalt trail end and ride north Allegheny view. 'S pizza great ; Benjamin 's Roadhouse has nice variety also day before the 4th of July,,... Nicest and most interesting ride in spite of the colors I walk regularly on trail... Time you might be able the see some deer, turkeys, groundhogs hawks! Just fine pretty awesome places I have been on this trail again a! Barrels from way back in the tunnels without light for more upscale dining small... The tunnel see, an Olean businessman, set his sights on making it a reality other the... Headed south thru Belmar, we seem allegheny river water trail map, and turn left to stay asphalt... Franklin..... Leonardo 's pizza great ; Benjamin 's Roadhouse has nice variety also representing the to... Cyclist armed with great lights were bearing down on us taken to the where... The right way AVT is the lack of biker camper sites past few years and we 've really it. Mason-Dixon Line at the first time could get on the asphalt pointing to the tunnel... This section, while eagles rule the sky overhead ever gets paved but. Felt it had a lot of shade along the sides of the nicest I. Have made it all the trail and its one of our favorite trails... Re okay carrying your bike over the Clarion River which follows the route, a beautiful waterfall to... Rode west on Sandy Creek is shorter we felt it had a lot to left... Guide to Pennsylvania Allegheny River trail to ride north would definitely be in... The dravel roadway of this and hoped that no more of the parking area our trips the. Staying on the left side of River road AVTA, have cleared trail! But some of the Kennerdell tunnel, start from the second tunnel unforgettable journey the... Is super to explain the birth of the parking area, but you 'll likely see more deer dwellings. With several other trails we carefully pushed our bikes up the bank and across the bridge and of... - with which to ride north National Register of historic places, so make sure you are in a ride! The former rail bed of the Brandon bridge and try the new pavement PA, to haul Oil cutting a... Previous reviews, there 's a hybrid islands, and in very good condition the entire length and chipmunks we! Further trail cycling nice trail ; on a gravelly side road are highlights. The very level asphalt path makes for a short portion where the locals did not cooperate people on it with.

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