In recent years, demand for sustainable use of renewable resources, including fish stocks, has increased greatly throughout the world. Sustainability is becoming a key word in the Frozen At Sea Fish industry and at Collins Seafoods  we take sustainability seriously!fishermen2

We only supply Frozen at Sea fish of the highest quality, which is fully traceable. The demands of a modern and competitive fish industry based on sustainable harvesting are great and at Collins Seafoods we understand its importance.

Working hand in hand with several well respected trawler operators through the Faroe Islands, Russia, Norway, Iceland, Germany, France, Spain and the U.K, who are also committed to responsible sea fishing, means we are able to consistently maintain the high quality of our Frozen at Sea Fish products.

As part of our commitment to sustainability we are accredited as a sustainable supplier with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) This international organisation recognises the importance of sustainability within the fishing industry and is working towards safeguarding fish supplies for this and future generations. The Council believes in recognising and rewarding sustainable fishing practices, helping to influence the choices people make when buying fish and works with us to continue to transform the fishing industry to be fully sustainable.

With the international expertise that is available, we are continuing to work to the standards for sustainable fishing and traceability.


FAO Fishing Area 27 North East Atlantic




Names of Sub-areas and Divisions of FAO fishing area 27 


Subarea I Barents Sea

Subarea II Norwegian Sea, Spitzbergen, and Bear Island
Division II a Norwegian Sea
Division II b Spitzbergen and Bear Island

Subarea III Skagerrak, Kattegat, Sound, Belt Sea, and Baltic Sea; the Sound and Belt together known also as the Transition Area
Division III a Skagerrak and Kattegat
Division III b,c Sound and Belt Sea or Transition Area
Division III b (23) Sound
Division III c (22) Belt Sea
Division III d (24-32) Baltic Sea

Subarea IV North Sea
Division IV a Northern North Sea
Division IV b Central North Sea
Division IV c Southern North Sea

Subarea V Iceland and Faroes Grounds
Division V a Iceland Grounds
Division V b Faroes Grounds

Subarea VI Rockall, Northwest Coast of Scotland and North Ireland, the Northwest Coast of Scotland and North Ireland also known as the West of Scotland
Division VI a Northwest Coast of Scotland and North Ireland or West of Scotland
Division VI b Rockall

Subarea VII Irish Sea, West of Ireland, Porcupine Bank, Eastern and Western English Channel, Bristol Channel, Celtic Sea North and South, and Southwest of Ireland – East and West
Division VII a Irish Sea
Division VII b West of Ireland
Division VII c Porcupine Bank
Division VII d Eastern English Channel
Division VII e Western English Channel
Division VII f Bristol Channel
Division VII g Celtic Sea North
Division VII h Celtic Sea South
Division VII j South-West of Ireland – East
Division VII k South-West of Ireland – West

Subarea VIII Bay of Biscay
Division VIII a Bay of Biscay – North
Division VIII b Bay of Biscay – Central
Division VIII c Bay of Biscay – South
Division VIII d Bay of Biscay – Offshore
Division VIII e West of Bay of Biscay

Subarea IX Portuguese Waters
Division IX a Portuguese Waters – East
Division IX b Portuguese Waters – West

Subarea X Azores Grounds

Subarea XII North of Azores

Subarea XIV East Greenland
Division XIV a North-East Greenland
Division XIV b South-East Greenland

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