Winter 2024

Catch-Up: Winter 2024

How the art of customer service can help your chippy thrive

Why do you have a favourite chippy? Is it their fresh fish? Or their fluffy chips?

Or is it that warm feeling you get when you step inside the shop and are greeted by a sea of smiles behind that shiny counter?

Good customer service is huge driver of football in bars, cafes and restaurants across the country – and takeaways are no different.

Get it right and you build-up a loyal customer base that will always come back for more.

But get it wrong? That's a customer you could lose for life – no matter how good your fish is.

And getting it right is so easy.

A friendly smile and some playful banter as they queue can enhance their journey no end. Asking if they want a fish frying as they wait can shave five minutes off their trip – and ensure they are fed even quicker. And a little bit of small talk – be it about Eastenders or the footy – can mean the world to some people.

One business that has perfected the art of good customer service is Clem's Fish Restaurant in Spennymoor. We asked director Nicola Bell about the role it plays in helping her business thrive.

"A good level of customer service determines whether people will come back. Our regular customers are used to a high standard and have come to expect it, the interaction they receive is part of the whole experience," said Nicola.

"Just a smile and polite conversation can make a difference. It's always nice to be nice!"

And the key to ensuring customers have a good time? According to Nicola, it is all down to 'interaction' between them and the staff.

"While customers are waiting for their orders to be freshly cooked, conversation and engaging in small talk can ensure a positive experience. Smiling and saying hello when someone walks through the door, saying goodbye when they leave and having a cheerful disposition, can enhance their visit," she added.

"We also try to accommodate everyone if we can. For instance, if someone makes a request that is not on our menu, but it is something we can do, then we will always try to accommodate."

Ultimately a good chippy is a cornerstone of any good community. That’s been the case for over a century now.

By ensuring you get the basics of customer service right, not only will that continue – but your shop will mean more to them than a place to grab a fish supper.

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